Go Green Today! Switch to eStatements

  • Faster than regular mail – receive a notice directly to your email inbox
  • More secure than paper option
  • It's absolutely FREE
  • Environmentally friendly

Take advantage of eStatments with our Credit Cards, click here to enroll ezCard services.

  • Make online payments
  • View past statements
  • Review all current activity
  • Able to initiate a dispute

To take advantage of eStatements you must be enrolled in our Home Banking service. This is also absolutely free!

If you are enrolled in Home Banking all you need to do is Log In; click on the Self Service tab, click on the eStatement link (be sure that you enable pop-ups for the site) and it will transfer you to a window where you can input / verify your contact information.

Your statements will be available the month following the date you enrolled. Your statements will start building from the month you enrolled and will be available for up to 13 months for viewing at your fingertips.