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Samsung, Google and Apple Pay

Valley Oak is proud to offer contact-free payment options with Samsung, Google and Apple Pay! 

Samsung, Google and Apple Pay give you the ability to pay in-person, in-app or online without needing your physical card present and is acepted by millions of retailers. The app authenticates your purchases with your fingerprint, PIN or iris scan security features already in your smart phone. 

With contact-free payment, you get the ease of not having to locate your physical card, the safety of not having to touch a card terminal, and the security of never having to take your card out of your wallet. Insead of swiping your debit or credit card for in-store purchases, all you need to do is hold your phone close to the card terminal! 

How it works:

Use one of the buttons below to download the app for your mobile phone.


Enter your debit or credit card information into the app.

Hold your phone an inch from terminal during payment.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us

*Members may need to contact the Credit Union to complete their enrollment.