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Facing Foreclosure

Here at Valley Oak, we understand that the current economic environment is causing financial hardships for many people, including some of our members. If you’re having trouble making payments, we’re here to help. Please consider all of your options before risking the possible loss of your home to foreclosure.

Valley Oak Credit Union offers workout programs that are consistent with safe and sound lending practices and are in the long-term best interest of both the membership and homeowner. However, there may be instances when workout arrangements are not economically feasible or appropriate.

It is important that you contact Valley Oak to talk about your possible options for assistance which includes:

  • Loan modifications
  • Repayment plans
  • Deed-in-lieu
  • Short sale
  • Forbearance

Please contact Valley Oak Credit Union Loan Servicing at 800.561.4302 or 559.686.9556 to speak to our Solutions Department. To apply for assistance, please be prepared to provide the following items. Further documentation may be requested upon review of your circumstances.

  • Written request for workout relief which needs to contain a detailed explanation of your current financial circumstances
  • Last statement from all other mortgages (1st Trust Deed, 2nd Trust Deed)
  • Year to date income verification, most recent paystub(s) and most recent years income tax returns (if self-employed 2 years returns)
  • Statement of any delinquent state or federal income taxes
  • Lease or rental agreement for non-owner occupied property
  • Income and Expense statement
  • Please stop by any of our branches to pick up a loan application

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds free or very low cost housing counseling nationwide.

The toll-free telephone number to find a HUD-certified housing counseling agency is 800.777.7526 or TTY 800.877.8339.

Foreclosure Assistance Resource Links

ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions

Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HOPE)

The accuracy of our calculators and their applicability to your circumstances are not guaranteed. You should consult with a qualified professional regarding your particular circumstances.