All Mortgage loan rates are for members of Valley Oak Credit Union. There is a $30 requirement to open the account to become a member; $25 minimum deposit and $5 membership fee.

Rates Effective December 1, 2018

Variable Rate Home Equity Line of Credit Loans
Min. Subsequent Advances: $250
Index from Wall Street Journal Prime Rate + Margin = APR*. Changes in January, April, July and October
No Annual Renewal Fees. Please ask about closing costs.
*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Annual Percentage Rate may vary.
Term: 15 Yr Margin: 0%
Variable Rate: 80% LTV Index: 3.25% APR*
Interest Rate: 5.75% APR* Min./Floor Rate: 5.75% APR*
Points: None Max./Cap Rate: 12.00% APR*
Max. Line of Credit: $250,000
Min. Line of Credit: $5,000

Home Equity Disclosure