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Debit Card RoundUp

How Does Debit Card Roundup Work?

Every time you use your Valley Oak Debit Card, the transaction will be rounded up to the next full dollar amount.  At the end of each business day the accumulated amount from each of the transactions will be transferred from the checking account attached to your debit card to a savings account of your choice as a single transaction.

EXAMPLE: If you go to your favorite coffee shop and spend $5.51, the transaction that posts to your account will be exactly $5.51 but you will deduct $6.00 from your check register. At the end of the day, that extra 49¢ (along with any other amounts calculated on other purchases throughout the day) will be transferred from your checking to your designated savings account. The next day, you go back to your favorite coffee shop and spend $2.56 and then to the gas station and spend $32.43, at the end of the day $1.01 will be transferred to your designated savings account and you will have deducted $3.00 and $33.00 from your check register respectively.

How Do I Get Started?

There is no cost to enroll.  Simply stop in, call or email us to tell us you want to sign up for Debit Card Roundup. Once you’re enrolled just watch your savings grow.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

  • Debit Card Roundup is only available if you have a Valley Oak Debit Card linked to a Valley Oak Checking account.
  • Both signature-based and PIN-based debit cards transactions qualify for Debit Card Roundup; ATM transactions do not qualify.
  • If you enroll, all qualifying transactions from debit cards attached to your checking account will be included in the roundup.
  • If your debit card purchase is canceled or reversed, such as a returned purchase, the corresponding Debit Card Roundup will remain in the savings account.
  • Credit transactions or adjustment transactions will not be rounded up.
  • The roundup transfer will only happen if you have sufficient funds at the end of the day; the roundup transfer will never overdraw your account.
  • Valley Oak may cancel or modify the Debit Card Roundup service at any time.

The program is free so don’t wait to RoundUp more savings!