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Mobile App Update

Introducing a more convenient way to log into Valley Oak's mobile banking app! There are now four authentication options that are available to you on your mobile device!

  • Voice Recognition: Use your voice to authenticate, you will record and submit a passphrase.This setup requires you to record a voice phrase 3 times, once enrolled you will repeat the phrase to authenticate.
  • PIN: Use a 4-digit PIN to authenticate. To establish PIN authentication you will enter a chosen 4-digit PIN, and then re-enter the PIN to confirm. To authenticate with PIN, you will verify the PIN you created.
  • Fingerprint: Use the fingerprint verification feature on your mobile device to authenticate. To setup fingerprint verification, you will need to verify the fingerprint that is currently setup on your device. Fingerprint verification will only show for those mobile devices that have this capability. To authenticate with fingerprint, you will be asked to place their finger on the device’s sensor.
  • Face Recognition: Use a face profile to authenticate. To setup face recognition, this requires an analysis of the your face. Face recognition will only show for those mobile devices that have this capability.To authenticate with face recognition you will center your face within the circle and watch the bar at the top for a high-quality image and perform a liveliness test, like blinking.

Valley Oak has worked with Apple and Android to push out this update. If you haven't completed the update, make sure to check your setting for available updates. Below are screen shots from an iPhone 7, showing each step of the process. Please contact us if you have any questions.

iOS Updates screenshotscreenshot - We've added something new!screenshot - Try out 4 new ways to authenticate!

screenshot - You can use your voice to sign into your accountscreenshot - Create a 4 digit pin to unlockscreenshot - Or maybe you prefer fingerprint!

screenshot - Just Blink! You can even use your face!screenshot - Or, log in the normal way ... it's your choice

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