Establish your Valley Oak membership by opening a Savings Account with an initial deposit of $25. Join now to begin enjoying the benefits of membership.


Looking to receive our highest rate on your savings? Valley Oak certificates are a great way to watch your savings grow.

Money Market

Money Market Accounts are very similar to certificates of deposit offering many of the same benefits. Open an account with a minimum initial deposit of $1,000.

*Federal Regulation D allows for a maximum of six (6) withdrawals or transfers from your savings account each month using the following methods: Checking overdraft protection, Audio Response Access, Online Access, Fax, Pre-authorized automatic ACH transfers. If you need to make more than six withdrawals or transfer in a month you can do so by mail, VOCU or Co-Op ATMs, or by vising a branch. After 6 transfers, there will be a fee of $2.00 per transfer.